When You Cannot Afford to Lose

Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos is a trial lawyer and a clinical/forensic psychologist who protects the rights of clients involved in complex, high-stakes legal battles. From an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, his work takes him across the nation, serving as criminal defense lawyer, custody lawyer, expert witness, of counsel lawyer, case strategy consultant, lecturer and author.

This attorney/psychologist works with one goal in mind: to fight and win for the client.

When you find yourself in deeply troubled waters and cannot find your way out this is one lawyer that you want on your side.
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Culturally Diverse Team

Dr. Lorandos works with a culturally diverse team of tenacious, knowledgeable and innovative trial attorneys whom he draws on when needed. Our lawyers are supported by legal researchers, investigators, and assistants, whose efforts all contribute to our success. His legal and scholarly work on the psychology behind cross examination of experts, parental alienation and false allegations has earned him national recognition. This credibility allows him access to resources that another lawyer might not have โ€” all in the name of protecting our clients.

We handle litigation matters where others may fear to tread, across virtually every legal discipline, including criminal law and white collar fraud, civil litigation, matrimonial litigation and commercial litigation and appeals. For instance, Dr. Lorandos has:

  • Elicited the truth behind false allegations of sexual assault when the prosecutors thought they had a lock
  • Revealed issues of how adults and counselors “tainted” memories of small children to make it look like a parent or day care teacher had harmed them
  • Turned the tables on bad custody decisions and parental alienation through painstaking investigations and knowledgeable behavioral science
If you need us, we will be there, even if we need to be on a plane across the country within hours. We shoulder your burdens. You move forward in your life.

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