The distancing that occurs in Parental Alienation may involve some of the following features:

Blame – blaming the other parent for breaking up the family and for other problems

Spying – using the children to spy on the targeted parent; questioning the children about the targeted parent’s personal life; eavesdropping on telephone conversations between the children and the targeted parent

Interfering with visitation – giving the children the choice of visiting the targeted parent; being inflexible to otherwise reasonable changes in visitation; scheduling activities during the targeted parent’s visitation time

Denigration – one parent speaks badly or demeans the other parent in the children’s presence

Allegations of abuse – allegations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of the children are often made against the targeted parent

Does this seem familiar? Someone has poisoned your relationship with your child. They have literally alienated your child from you. The parent-child relationship is sacred. The threat of having that destroyed is disgraceful. What can you do?

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