An Expert — Will Travel

When you are representing a client who has been set up and is now looking at life in prison for a crime that he did not commit or a client who is a good person caught in a very bad set of circumstances, you want to use all your resources to protect his or her rights.

  • Effective case preparation in criminal law matters is essential to getting results.
  • Skilled cross examination is key to convincing the jury.
  • Effective dissection of the behavioral science aspect of the case can play a significant role in the case’s outcome.
  • Establishing the expertise of your own witnesses is a crucial part of any legal team’s strategy.

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Psychologist-attorney Demosthenes Lorandos has been a clinical and forensic psychologist for four decades and practicing law since 1993. He has been involved in hundreds of cases involving false allegations and other crimes.

Dr. Lorandos Has One Goal in Mind — To Blend Good Science with the Law

This psychologist-lawyer uses his knowledge, experience and intelligence in both the law and the behavioral sciences to:

  • Protect the rights of defendant clients anywhere in the country.
  • Assist lawyers in protecting the rights of their clients in all fifty states.

Dr. Lorandos has been involved in cases that cover many states and cross international borders.

False Allegations of Sexual Molestation

A recent matter involved a wealthy, well-known businessman accused of sexual molestation of his niece and nephew. The local law enforcement labeled him the kingpin of kiddie porn. The children said he molested them. The case seemed lost. He had a professional licensure case ongoing, a divorce, custody and property division battle ongoing. He had a retired judge and a former district attorney on his team, but they just weren’t getting it — and he was scared.

Dr. Lorandos was called in on a Friday, from Ann Arbor. He spent the weekend with the client’s two attorneys, catching them up on issues of cross examining expert witnesses in the behavioral sciences, issues of tainted memories, false allegations and parental alienation syndrome.

At the end of the weekend, the decision was made for Dr. Lorandos to serve as co-counsel to the attorneys and perform the cross examination of the so-called expert witness.

After one day of Dr. Lorandos’ cross examination, the judge dismissed all charges.

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