His Name Is Demosthenes Lorandos

He’s a Forensic Psychologist and a skilled Trial Lawyer

Dr. Lorandos is a straight-talking, aggressive, intelligent and effective lawyer, who also happens to be a Ph.D. clinical/forensic psychologist. His office is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but he travels across the nation, handling or assisting on cases, providing consultations and serving as an expert witness. He blends both backgrounds to help men, women, children and families who are in serious trouble with the law obtain justice.

Winning Against All Odds

Dr. Lorandos often deals with people who are about to lose everything: their family, their financial well-being, their good name and their freedom:

  • One who may have been falsely accused of molesting his own child or a neighbor child.
  • One who may have been labeled as the king of kiddie porn.
  • One who may be cast as the queen of day care molestation.
  • One who may be suffering heartache because their child is completely alienated from them, thanks to an emotionally disturbed custodial parent.
  • Some who are facing legal challenges on many fronts all at once—civil cases, licensure cases, criminal cases.

Dr. Lorandos and his team fight with one goal in mind — to blend good science with the law. And his case results speak for themselves. Dr. Lorandos is not your typical Yellow Pages lawyer.

Immediate Response to Your Needs

It is not unusual for our firm to get a phone call from, say, Hawaii or Texas, from someone who is about to go on trial on charges of sexual abuse and is scared, really scared about what’s going to happen. They have heard of his well-known research in the area of false allegations and parental alienation; and of his ability to help judges, prosecutors, fellow lawyers and juries understand the psychology behind issues such as these and thus make informed decisions relating to the law. They know that they need someone like him on their side — immediately.

“I like to think of myself as an expert for science and justice.”
Demosthenes Lorandos

Meticulous Preparation Makes All the Difference

His namesake was Demosthenes (circa 384 BC) who is generally considered the greatest of all Ancient Greek orators. He was also known as one of the most well-prepared of orators who was never caught off-guard.

Dr. Lorandos has been involved in scores of jury trials as a psychologist since the 1970’s and as a trial lawyer since 1993. He has achieved Not Guilty verdicts and case dismissals, and has won custody battles for clients who were facing odds that were stacked highly against them. He has done it through extensive preparation, meticulous attention to details, intelligent investigation, science based motions and highly personal service to each client.

Author and Lecturer on Behavioral Science and the Law

By authoring a widely used reference book on behavioral science and the law and another on cross examination; conducting research, publishing articles, presenting seminars and lectures, Dr. Lorandos has made his name known in key legal circles. He carries the authority and has the reputation that can help access top resources when you need them most.

Curriculum Vitae for Demosthenes Lorandos (11-2017)

Strong Support Team of Lawyers and Staff

Dr. Lorandos is supported in his work by a team of dedicated, skilled and tenacious researchers, as well as a knowledgeable, intelligent support staff.

The team adapts quickly, thinks quickly and is able to easily join any other legal team at any stage of a case, even at the last minute. Dr. Lorandos’ work also includes:

His Name is Shawn A. Wygant

Mr. Wygant is a skilled forensic psychological researcher and evaluator. He has an educational background in both law studies and forensic psychology. He knows how to research, evaluate, and answer psycho-legal questions that arise within the context of complex criminal, civil, and quasi-criminal (child abuse/neglect) cases. He understands how to unpack and explain to triers of fact the complex science and legal issues involved with parental alienation and false allegations of child abuse. This requires him to keep abreast of the current psychological literature and case law so that any recommendation, inference, or conclusion he makes is backed up by science and the law. His areas of forensic assessment expertise include: 

  • child sexual abuse interviews
  • in-custody law enforcement interrogations
  • parental alienation
  • child custody and visitation decisions
  • child psychological maltreatment
  • family reunification programs & interventions
  • memory for events
  • interrogative suggestibility
  • induction of false memories
  • programming and brainwashing techniques
  • child witness credibility
  • adjudicative competency
  • personality disorders
  • criminal responsibility

Curriculum Vitae for Shawn Wygant (01-2018)

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