You need a Skilled Lawyer Who Can Win For You

False Accusations can destroy lives. They can end lucrative careers. They can destroy medical and dental practices. They can result in prison time for the accused.

If you are dealing with a serious matter involving an unfounded allegation of a crime or other activity, you need the right counsel, one who knows how to fight, who has a proven track record of success in matters of false allegations, and who has the experience and skill to develop strong cases. Too much is at stake to hire an attorney out of the Yellow Pages.

When you are being railroaded and in danger of losing everything, this is one lawyer that you want on your side. Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos is both a trial lawyer and forensic psychologist. Call 989-335-5134 or e-mail the firm.

PsychLaw.Net is a part of Lorandos Joshi Trial Lawyers and offers timely, tenacious and experienced legal counsel for clients who have been falsely accused in:

  • Criminal law: Have you been falsely accused of sexual assault, sexual molestation, spousal abuse or another crime?
  • Administrative law and licensure matters: Have you been accused of a crime that is now affecting your ability to practice your profession?
  • Family law: Has your ex-spouse caused your child to fear you for no reason and is that affecting your ability to co-parent and bond with your child?
  • Commercial and civil law: Has your company been accused of white collar crime or fraud?

Demosthenes Lorandos is a Ph.D. clinical/forensic psychologist who has been an attorney since 1993. He brings nearly four decades of experience in the behavioral sciences and the law to each legal matter that he handles. He has lectured nationally and written numerous books on false allegations and the psychology behind false allegations.

He has helped lawyers, prosecutors, judges and juries understand how the falsity of an accusation developed. And he is relentless in his pursuit of justice.

Our clients also include lawyers. We serve of counsel and as an expert witness and assist in cross examination and trial preparation and case strategy.

Falsely Accused? Clear Your Name Now. Call Today.

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