Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos (Ph.D., J.D.) and Dr. Terence Campbell (Ph.D., deceased) worked together for many years to help lawyers and judges appreciate the difference between junk science and good science. Nowhere is there more junk science than in child sexual abuse claims. Here are important scientific issues which must be understood to properly deal with child sexual abuse claims:

I. Rumor Formation and Rumor Dissemination

II. Parental Questions

III. Interviewer Influences

IV. Interrogative Suggestibility

V. Interviewers and Training

VI. Network and Peer Influences

VII. Treatment Approaches for Children

VIII. Children’s Sexual Behaviors and Abuse Prevention Programs

IX. Behavioral Indicators of Sexual Abuse

X. Fabricated Reports of Sexual Abuse

XI. Anatomically Detailed Dolls

XII. Delayed and Recanted Allegations

XIII. Effective Interviews

XIV. Influences on Reporting