You have been falsely accused of a crime you did not commit. You are now in the fight of your life. You need more than just an attorney to win this fight. You need a specialist who is a nationally recognized expert, defense attorney and Ph.D. clinical forensic psychologist with more than 40 years of experience in defending the falsely accused. You will not find anyone at another firm like Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos.

False Accusation Defense

Dr. Lorandos has often been the key to winning false accusations cases. In addition to his success in defending false accusations, he is a West Group “Key Author” with numerous published texts. He teaches lawyers and judges about how false accusations develop and how the science of psychology applies.

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You may have been falsely accused of molesting your own child. This could also be part of a broader parental alienation issue. False child abuse allegations are disgraceful, but can be effectively fought with the right team. Your child custody and visitation rights are in jeopardy. Seek help by consulting with Dr. Lorandos.

You’re in the Fight of Your Life

First and foremost know that if you are directly involved in an alleged abuse case, you are in serious trouble. Do not underestimate this. If the state (Child Protective Services) believes that you have physically or sexually abused someone, the full force of the state’s protection act will be unleashed. The only way to beat false accusations is to defend yourself and fight back tenaciously and intelligently. The first intelligent step you can make is understanding the seriousness in obtaining a competent and experienced team.

It’s Not Going to Be a Fair Fight

The bad news is that you are fighting for your freedom, your family relationships and your children. The even worse news is that it won’t seem fair as the state uses all of its resources against you and will make a very convincing and powerful argument that you are guilty. The best news? You know what you are getting into without any false trepidations and where to find a forensic psychologist with more than enough experience to effectively help you.

You Need a Specialist

If you want a fighting chance, you must refute the state’s evidence with even more convincing evidence that you are innocent. Often, the state will bring on evidence manufactured using faulty “scientific” methods supported by expert witnesses. Not only will you need your own experts to counter the state’s, but your lawyer must be familiar with this area of law. Fortunately, Dr. Lorandos is familiar with the law, issues and the true nature of the evidence and can save you from false accusations for the sake of your family and your children.

Are the Stakes High Enough? Are Your Rights Important Enough?

Then you must do everything you can to fight, and that starts with finding real expertise.

A good lawyer just isn’t enough. You need someone with experience fighting false accusations. You need Attorney/Psychologist Demosthenes Lorandos and his team.

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