The Value of Cultural Norms in Criminal Defense

Outstanding criminal defense examines more than just the statutory elements of a crime. The circumstances of how a criminal charge was brought upon an individual and the cultural issues surrounding it can have a huge impact on whether the requisite criminal intent was formed. For example, a person is charged with bribery. Most jurisdictions require the specific intent to corrupt. However, in some cultures bribery is not viewed as corrupt and is actually a social norm. If the individual comes from a culture such as this, then he or she may not have formed the intent to corrupt in the way the prosecution claims.

A Diverse Firm With Key Insights

The firm’s leader, Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos, has won many cases due to his key insight into the cultural norms of a case. Being able to identify this issue has meant the difference between an individual going to jail for a number of years and being acquitted.

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Cases Reflecting the Importance of Cultural Issues in Criminal Defense

Here are actual case examples that show the importance of recognizing cultural issues when fighting against criminal charges:

Thailand: An undergraduate student at the University of Michigan was dating a student from Japan. The cultural differences and interplay between Thai men and Japanese women were essential in explaining why the young man was not guilty of domestic violence.

Albania: A businessman from Albania traveled to New York and was charged with an immigration smuggling felony. However, his Eastern European business practices with respect to his employees and immigration were such that he was shown to not have formed the necessary criminal intent needed to be found guilty.

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