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PsychLaw.Net offers expert forensic psychology services to attorneys and clients facing serious criminal charges ranging from sexual assault to white collar crime to homicide. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we assist clients in criminal matters throughout the nation. We are a team of tenacious, knowledgeable experts who will not be out-worked.

When you are in serious trouble, this is the firm that you want on your side. Call 989-335-5134 or e-mail the firm.

Proven Track Record of Success and Vindication

We have a proven track record of winning case dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts.

We are a single-minded firm with one goal: Blend good science with the law.

A Forensic Psychologist/Attorney Who Works With Law Firms as Needed

Our lead trial lawyer, Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos, regularly travels across the nation to serve “of counsel” or to work as a forensic psychologist with  lawyers who are defending clients against serious criminal charges that primarily involve children, family, sexual matters and false allegations.

Ph.D. Psychologist with Expertise in the Psychology Behind False Allegations

Working with law firms as a behind-the-scenes case strategy consultant, a cross examination specialist or an expert witness, Dr. Lorandos brings nearly four decades of experience as a Ph.D. psychologist and two decades as a trial lawyer. He turned to the law in 1993, after years of watching the courts destroy children and families through lack of an appropriate understanding or allowance for the behavioral sciences.

Today, he is a nationally recognized legal scholar and expert in

He will do everything he can to keep junk science from tainting your case.

Hire an EXPERT to Protect Your Client’s Freedom

Our staff regularly reviews cases electronically and in person for law firms, from both the psychological and the legal perspective. We help our lawyer clients understand how to keep junk science and sham experts from destroying their criminal defense cases. We also can help you understand the new rules in Federal and State courts that specify what judges and lawyers need to do, to deal with junk science.

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