Trial Preparation and Case Strategy

Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos and his team offer skilled guidance to law firms across the country in matters concerning trial preparation and case strategy. We have brought numerous cases through to jury trial. We know how to fight. We know how to win. We know how to share our knowledge with lawyers, and have been doing so for many years. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and serve clients throughout the nation.

Our job is to make a positive difference. Dedication gets results.

When you cannot afford to lose, this is one law firm you want on your side.
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Whether you are a team of lawyers in Hawaii handling a challenging criminal defense case of what you know to be false allegations of sexual abuse, or you are a lawyer in Cincinnati whose client wants his or her children back and fears they are being harmed by the custodial parent or you need coaching in how to address the psychology behind the domestic relations issue your client is facing: our firm is here to help.

As a Ph.D. psychologist and a trial lawyer, Demosthenes Lorandos is regularly sought after as a legal lecturer. He teaches seminars throughout the nation on topics that include:

  • Meticulous trial preparation
  • Case strategy
  • Protecting minors
  • Cross examining experts and establishing expertise
  • Effective use of technology in the courtroom

From the moment that you retain our services as your co-counsel or legal consultant, we are on the case, using all of our resources, skill, experience and knowledge to help you elicit a positive result. We are warriors for accurate behavioral science in the courtroom, and we are meticulous in our trial preparation, preparing every step along the way for a trial, delving into every detail and using our skill and creativity to build the strongest case possible.

No matter where you are, we are prepared to respond to your need immediately. And we have all the resources that you need to enhance the quality of your presentation.

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