Psychological Testing and the Law

Social work, psychiatry and psychology can play a significant role in the outcome of a legal matter. In cases concerning behavioral sciences and the law, there is a tremendous amount of “junk science,” out there. We intend to stamp it out, one client, and one case, at a time.

Innocents Suffer When Judges and Lawyers Are Ignorant

Lawyers, judges and juries are not trained in psychology. They may not even realize they are being railroaded, with innocent people going to jail and innocent children suffering because of inappropriate case assessments and psychological evaluations.

When psychology can make the difference in the outcome of a case, get help from a lawyer who is also a clinical/forensic psychologist. Call 989-335-5134 or e-mail the firm.

Being Both Psychologist and Lawyer Makes a Difference

We are a Forensic Psychology firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a nationally renowned speaker and lecturer on subjects of behavioral science and the law. Our leader, Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos started out as a psychologist, but turned to the law after seeing too many innocent children and families harmed by the very courts that were there to protect them.

He is a skilled trial lawyer and forensic psychologist whose work encompasses:

We work with questions like these every day:

  • How can you make sure the child isn’t just repeating something the counselor told her about sexual abuse?
  • How do you determine whether Mom or Dad should have primary custody?
  • How do you determine whether someone is at risk and a danger to himself and others?
  • How can you determine the role that drugs played in the unlawful actions of a celebrity?
  • How can you determine whether a confession was coerced?
  • How can you discern the state of mind of a defendant at the time of a murder, a matter that can hinge on life — or death?

Whether you are a lawyer handling a case or a defendant who needs to pull out all the stops to protect your freedom, we are here to protect your rights.

“I will not let junk science ruin your case. I will not let junk science destroy your life.” — Attorney/Psychologist Demosthenes Lorandos

Case Assessments

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