Attacking Inaccuracies of Bad Experts

Innocent adults and even children are affected by bad psychological evaluations, behavioral analysis and case assessments. People’s lives are ruined. Wrongly accused people are unjustly sent to trial. This is largely due to “junk science”: science that is misleading, inaccurate, outdated or even false.

Attorney, Clinical Psychologist and Scientific Expert

At our firm, we strive to quash any form of junk science in the courtroom and attack bad psychological evaluations with expert witness cross-examination and a correct and accurate interpretation of science. Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos began his career as a psychologist. He was so outraged after seeing innocent children and families harmed by bad experts that he became an attorney to defend their rights. This is the expert you need to effectively attack a bad psych evaluation.

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Dealing With So-Called Mental Health “Experts”

A huge part of attacking a bad psychological evaluation or assessment is effective cross-examination of so-called “experts.” Dr. Lorandos is not only skilled at this but has written a book on it with forensic psychologist Dr. Terence W. Campbell: Cross Examining Experts In The Behavioral Sciences (West Group 2001). Updated Annually.

Shielding the Jury from Prejudicial “Junk Science”

Many experts are, quite frankly, junk science peddlers who are practically immoral in providing their testimony. On cross-examination, these so-called experts can be attacked on issues like:

  • Challenging their clinical judgment
  • Evidentiary reliability and validity
  • Qualifications of an expert: post-graduate and medical education
  • Licensure, continuing education and board certification
  • Claims of professional experience
  • Therapists vs. actual experts
  • Biases, consistency of research methods and actuarial procedures
  • Diagnostic classifications
  • Use of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and its perpetual revisions
  • Diagnoses of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and personality disorders

Other Questions We Demand Answers To

  1. Who is the expert? The very first thing you want to ask when attacking a bad psych evaluation is who is this “expert”? What is their training? What do they know? What is it they don’t know?
  2. What are their qualifications? What have they done in the past to prove their qualifications? Have they used improper psychological testing measures? Have they relied solely on their idiosyncratic experience?
  3. What does the law say about their research? Does their research meet the law of expertise in the relevant jurisdiction? What does scientific literature say about their research?
  4. How does the expert hold up against our expert? Are we able to present cogent expert testimony breaking down their expert’s testimony? Do we make their expert look unreliable?

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